water damage

Repairing water damaged involves a multi-step process, beginning with a thorough inspection.

The identification of a water intrusion, the damage assessment, and the monitoring of a drying process can't always be seen.  Often times the damage is hidden behind walls and under building components. Identifying the primary source of a water intrusion, the affected areas and the extent of the water damage is critical for mitigation and restoration.  

Excess moisture and humidity left within a building environment or its structural elements causes damage to structural materials, including rot, mold growth, reduced insulation values, failure of flooring, roofing and wall support.  Our indoor environmentalists are certified by the ACAC  and are also IICRC certified restoration technicians. 

Services include:

  • Mold investigation and sampling
  • Air sampling
  • Moisture mapping and thermography,
  • Written cleaning protocols (IICRC S500, S520)

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