Lead-Based Paint services

Lead is a POISON.

Lead has no biological value.  Lead is highly toxic and is harmful to both children and adults, especially children under the age of 6 and pregnant women because of its effect on brain development of the fetus. Research studies show that any amount of lead detected in children’s bodies may affect their learning ability, attention span and growth.  Adults exposed to too much lead can suffer from high blood pressure, kidney damage, and fertility problems.  Lead can also poison pets.

Lead regulations can vary from project to project and dependent upon the governing agencies (HUD, EPA, State, OSHA).  Our team of licensed and certified lead inspectors provide commercial, institutional, and residential customers with the highest quality lead inspection, testing and consultation services, including:

  • XRF inspections,
  • Project design,
  • Abatement oversight,
  • Dust sampling, 
  • Paint chip sampling,
  • Area and personal air sampling,
  • Clearance testing,
  • Personal air monitoring, 
  • Abatement and management planning,
  • Consultation services for: Regulatory compliance, OSHA safety and respiratory protection. 

We also offer 3rd party site supervision during abatement, and post-abatement O&M planning and procedures.

Training classes are available through our parent company, Iowa Lead & Asbestos Safety, for:

  • Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor
  • Sampling Technician/Visual Risk Assessor
  • Lead Supervisor
  • Lead Worker
  • Lead Safe Renovator,
  • 2 and 4 hour Lead Hazard  Awareness

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