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Asbestos Services

"The Miracle Mineral"

Once considered the "miracle mineral" because it's unique properties - fire resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and overall versatility - made it well-suited for many uses in the construction industry. Unfortunately, when it was proven that exposure to asbestos caused cancer, all of the benefits associated with this material were replaced with concerns over how to safely manage asbestos containing materials that are present in nearly every home and building constructed before the 1980’s, and is still in limited use today.

Our team of licensed and certified environmental specialists provide commercial, institutional, and residential customers with the highest quality asbestos inspection, testing and consultation services, including:

  • Bulk sampling, 
  • Area and personal air sampling,
  • Dust sampling,
  • Final clearance testing,
  • Project design,
  • Abatement oversight,
  • Personal air monitoring, 
  • Management planning,
  • Consultation services for: Regulatory compliance, OSHA safety and respiratory protection. 

We also offer 3rd party site supervision during abatement, and post-abatement O&M planning and procedures.


Training classes are available through our parent company, Iowa Lead & Asbestos Safety, for:

  • Asbestos Supervisor
  • Asbestos Worker
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • 2 and 4 hour Asbestos Awareness

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Asbestos Regulations

Iowa DNR/NESHAP Regulations

Inspections are REQUIRED.

"Before renovation or demolition of a facility a thorough asbestos inspection is required...  All renovations and demolitions are subject to the regulation ..."

Read the regulation here.

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